Sunday, May 01, 2011

Thoughts on the brief honeymoon of William and Kate

Observers and confetti on the Royal Wedding Day.
I love the confetti! You can see it in the photo here to the left*. I somehow missed this when watching the Royal Wedding coverage on TV.

Then, after hearing about a royal honeymoon (and also some rumors of where the William and Kate would travel, such as an island, Canada, and flying out from Los Angeles), it turns out the honeymoon will be brief.

I have also heard from some people and read stories online about how much the royal wedding cost, and who (really) paid for it.

But I think the Royal Wedding was a great and fun event anyway. It sure made my day.

About the honeymoon (or lack of it), not having a big honeymoon right now could be because:

1. William is a workaholic.
2. The security concerns are too huge.
3. Some reason I have no clue about. (leave a comment with your theory...)

My wish is for a big and fun honeymoon ASAP, Princess Kate. Or should I say Countess?

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*The great confetti photo is by Paul Simpson on Flickr, who thankfully did not charge for it. :-)


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