Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Bowling Green, Kentucky area is hoping for lots of clouds - go figure!

Hi, all! I guess since everyone else in Kentucky is talking about the weather, I will, too.

I didn't believe it either - that sunny skies could be a bad thing. But then I thought about it and it made perfect sense. Chris Allen, the WBKO weather expert, said today that if the sky remains cloudy, we should be okay. BUT if the weather clears up and starts to HEAT up, watch out. Because there is another set of storms coming our way along with COLD air that might tornado up or at least be worse if that happens.
Watching for tornado weather*
So he said they (at WBKO TV) will be watching.

I guess so! I mean, they certainly WILL be watching. The only entertainment yesterday afternoon and night on our local channel WBKO Cable 9 consisted of zooming in and out of weather maps. Ack!

I also could not believe all the little tornadoes on the weather map from yesterday. There were SO MANY. Wowie zowie! We had some pretty close, but so far (crossing fingers) we have missed the worst where I live in South Central Kentucky.

Some people on the news today were showing pictures of BIG hail and damage to their homes, mostly from the hail. Another picture near the WKU campus showed a car HAMMERED by lots of pieces of a big tree that fell right on it.

I was going to go out with Rickey this morning, but the flooding all around is stopping that for today.

So.... go clouds and dreary sky... because that is what this area wants today. :-)

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* The original of this really neat sky watching photo is by Oakley Originals on Flickr.


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