Sunday, May 08, 2011

A happy Mother's Day to everyone!

A very happy Mother's Day to everyone, even those who have lost their mothers or who do not have a mother figure to honor.

Today is a day we celebrate our mothers.  People are talking about taking their mothers out for dinner, or going over to visit. Some people call their mothers today to check in on them or just have a nice conversation about their day.

Some people have mothers who were absent. Some people have Aunts who care for them as a mother would. Still others have been adopted and celebrate their relationship with their adoptive mother. I'm sure there are other combinations I am missing. Add yours as a comment.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

One of my friends on Facebook wrote about wearing a white rose, a pink top, and pink jewelry today. She also made some pink snoball cakes today, which was her Mom's favorite. I think that is a great idea - - to honor her mother by remembering her this way. She also put a photo of her mother there as her profile picture.

I did too. Here is my photo of Mom. It was taken when she had me.

I hope you had a terrific day, readers.


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