Monday, May 09, 2011

So how many posts should a blogger do per week?

That's a good question.  
Ready to post... enter!

How often should a serious blogger post?

I've heard and read many answers. Some say if you are a serious blogger, you must blog every day. Wow. To me that is a lot, but maybe just because I posted about once every two weeks when I started. Then I increased my postings to once a week, then twice a week.

Other serious bloggers say every other day is enough. Still others say that they just can't swing the every other day routine, and post once or twice a week.

Today I experimented with posting on just two blogs - my most popular ones - - This one, The Moon and the Willow Tree, and the Nontraditional Student blog too. I added photos or pictures (as usual) then went ahead and pinged each one.

So far, it has been a tremendously great experience because I have more traffic so far. We'll see what happens as I continue.

Are you a blogger? Do you post every day? Or maybe once a week? Leave a comment and let me know.


(I plan to try to post every day for awhile and see what happens.)

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