Saturday, April 09, 2011

Some Facebook discoveries and links to check out too

To me, Facebook is all about discoveries - discovering what my friends are doing, discovering news that is not on the News at 6 and 10, and discovering new art, music, and takes on what is going on in the world.

Many people on Facebook like this. For me, I like discovering what my friends and acquaintances like, and also finding out about new art, news, links, photos, and lots more.

I repost some of the discoveries I find there by using the "share" button, and that re-circulates other people's stories and finds.

One example: Today I found out that the .ly suffix is owned by Libya/Ghadafi, so I pledged to use another free url shortening service, Google URL Shortener. I then shared this on Facebook so others can do it too.

Are you on Facebook? Do you have family, friends and acquaintances on your Facebook page? Do you have a fan page where you share some of your finds and ideas?

If you are not on Facebook, you could miss some discoveries - like these:

The Sewing Machine Orchestra
Louise's Apple and Cranberry Crumble Squidoo Recipe lens
A new Mashable article: How Baby Boomers are Embracing Social Media
A photo of a soldier and how he feels about  possible government shutdown
Low-Tech Tunnels: Tech solutions to Spring Fever
AP Newsbreak: the IRS awards 4.5M to Whistleblower
Indian activist ends hunger strike

I would not have heard about these stories anywhere else.

Just saying!


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FYI: the picture of a Mars Rover is from the free clipart and art site,


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