Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Flying Festooned Tankman Truck

The truck that reminded me of a parade

I saw this truck about a month ago. The plastic tied around the tanks just streamed into the wind, and made quite a fanciful sight. These new tanks were festooned with clear wrapped pieces that each were caught separately by the wind.

I loved it!

We tried to catch up to it again to get more pictures, but it quickly vanished ahead. I think taking a movie of it would have caught the movement a lot better, but you can get a semi-idea here of how fun this was to see.

I have never seen a machine that had such beautiful decoration.
 The effect of the streaming plastic was like a celebration.

I was thrilled by the beautiful waves the plastic made in the wind.

Finally, this fanciful sight faded away. I looked "Zander" (the tank company) up online, but there were quite a few different ones, so I wasn't quite sure which to list here.
This one was taken from inside the car, so it's got a screen pattern on it.
I was sorry to see this tanker cargo leave and go up the road.
I hope to see another truck with cargo like this, including plastic streamers, someday. This whole idea could be made into other things too, like long heads with streamer hair, or a sculpture with waving wires. The top photo captures the moment best.
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