Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I really like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution show

Just saying. :-)

I really like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution TV show. I have watched it twice now. The first time he went to a school system he met with the parents, then got to go to the actual kitchens and help make some healthy lunches.

The problems he faces are administrators who don't want to change anything, even if the status quo is unhealthy for the kids.

But he is continuing to try to change the way things are, sugary, fatty foods in the schools are making obese kids! And I think he is making a difference.

Jamie's last demonstration in California tried to show how much extra sugar is in chocolate, or flavored milk. The school system he is trying to work with won't budge on serving these, although the extra sugar is not good for the kids. He took a bus and showed how much extra sugar the students were getting in a week. The bus just overflowed with it!

Jamie Oliver in Union Square with reporters.

 It turns out Jamie Oliver has been an activist for healthy food changes and more in England, too. Now he is turning his talents towards the U.S. to make some needed changes. And I was not surprised to find out that he was a famous chef too.
A Jamie Oliver book present. She likes it!

You can see the picture here of the school bus with sugar in it: plus you have a chance to sign a petition to support him.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution shows onTuesdays on ABC at 8/7 Central.

And here is his YouTube page.

Yay, Jamie Oliver!

PS Here is his TV show page:

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