Saturday, April 23, 2011

News from the FB and online Blogo-talkosphere

Hi all! 
Here is some news for today, plus some random funny pictures.
Funny Fingers from Zhouxuan12345678 on Flickr.

So many things are happening this week. And many of them are kind of funny... maybe very funny - - haha and strange-type of funny? Some I can't even classify.

For instance, one of my Facebook friends is growing out her Afro hairstyle and her friend has called her a different kind of Chia Pet.

A rabble-rousing friend who likes Unions for Actors is thinking of quitting Facebook because of some very rude comments. You can imagine.

 Another is thinking of switching to Bebo.

 While typing out some travel tips for a friend, I found out about a Class Reunion I probably won't be able to attend unless I win the lottery. Darn. It's about time I won that. (haha).

Meadowsweet and Myrrh, a Druid blog, has found a new home.

I am starting to do my blogs at least twice a week. (!) (see below).

A local pet shelter, RePets, is having a Puppy Poo Bingo event. You choose a square marked out in chalk and if the first puppy of the day poops on it in the puppy yard, you win a $100.00 Visa gas card. Useful. Each square is $5.00. You can even use your PayPal account to pay for it if you live out of town.

Funny Faces from jaaron on Flickr.
As usual, it has rained today. Again.

But so far here it's such a great and peaceful day. I hope it is a really good day for you too.

The funny photos are from Flickr's Creative Commons area.


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