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The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton - - what channels will we watch?

The Royal Wedding China.

I'm so excited about the Royal Wedding.
The word is out. The Royal Wedding will be streamed live to the U.S. on Friday, April 29th (and everywhere - I am not forgetting many other countries will be interested in seeing it.)

Like many others, I watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. What a beautiful wedding! And what a dress! I think I watched it AFTER it happened, but still I watched it.

This year, I will be lucky enough to be able to watch THIS royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William as it is happening.

Also, there are many specials about it, including the recent Barbara Walters show, which revealed that the Queen has somebody who actually squeezes out her toothpaste for her.

I am interested in every detail. Who is invited, what everyone is wearing, the preparations... (did you know they are washing the cobblestones outside of Westminster Abbey? I sure didn't.) And, of course, THE DRESS. Everyone wants everything to be perfect.

But what channel to watch the wedding on? I will list the front-runners and bold the people I know. No doubt people that aren't as famous have the chance the BECOME famous next week. I have the feeling I will be channel surfing often...

ABC News - they have fabulous reporters Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer. Here is the ABC blog with all sorts of fun stories on it: The The ABC Royal Wedding Diary Blog. I already saw the 20/20 show, ’20/20: William & Catherine: A Modern Fairytale.’ It was great.

Not sure this is authentic...
I had better get watching these ABC shows too, because they are in LONDON and have lots of news in them. They are Good Morning America, World News with Diane Sawyer, and Nightline. (which I watch anyway.) This coverage starts at 3 a.m. (probably 4 Central time). India Hicks will give insider information for ABC. She was a bridesmaid of Princess Diana's for her wedding.

FOX has "Countdown to the Royal Wedding" on April 24th. They have teamed up with UK's Sky News, which should make their coverage pretty great, with insider information added. Their live coverage starts at 1 a.m. (could be 2 Central) Friday morning on the 29th. Joan Lunden will be FOX's Special Correspondent there, along with Shepard Smith and Martha MacCallum.

CNN will also be covering the wedding by sending 400 reporters to the event, including host Piers Morgan and local Cat Deeley. Other reporters include Richard Quest, Anderson Cooper, and Kiran Chetry.

Take the poll!

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (also NBC) will also be there and will feature Billy Bush.
a Royal Wedding flag

CBS News has the popular Katie Couric plus lots of others, including Ben Tracy, Michelle Miller, Troy Roberts, and Elizabeth Palmer. Katie will then host a one-hour program that evening AFTER the wedding too. Victoria Arbiter, "Royals Expert", will be there as well.

NBC is said to have 30 hours of coverage, featuring 50 people, including Martin Bashir, who is a "royals expert". He will be helped by Chris Jansing. A show about the Royal Wedding will air the night AFTER the wedding, with hosts Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer. Other famous reporters sent there are Al Roker and Ann Curry. Brian Williams will be doing the Nightly News from London. Morning Joe (Joe Scarborough) will also be covering the wedding.

ET and the Insider have a double-decker bus in London, as well as famous stars Hugh Jackman and Jane Seymour.

Other stars who may be reporting from London are Tori Spelling, Perez Hilton, Stephen Colbert, and Kathy Griffin (who will be on the TV Guide Network).

The Disney Channel is featuring "A Modern Fairytale: the Royal Wedding Week" too.

It's an exciting week, getting ready for the wedding. And I will probably be up early that day too. How fun!

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The picture of the Royal Wedding China is by americanistadechiapa s on Flickr.
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The window photo of the wedding flag is by Sally Butcher/SallyB2 on Flickr.


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