Sunday, March 06, 2011

Historic Thomas Drug Store, Cross Plains, Tennessee

My visit to Thomas Drug Store in Cross Plains

 This is my second visit to Thomas Drug in Cross Plains, Tennessee. What a charming store! It is both modern drug store plus turn of the century (LAST century) store.

You can see wonderful old things here, including vintage wallpaper and wooden booths. We had lunch at Thomas Drug Store, and it was really really fantastically good. I ordered a Club Sandwich, and Rickey had a Grilled Cheese with Bacon sandwich. I think mine tasted like a BLT, only better. It had lunchmeat, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, and toasted bread. Rickey liked his, but mine was a lot bigger.

We also had homemade ice cream shakes. We are talking REALLY homemade. It took awhile to make these and you had to drink them FAST. It was like getting 2-3 shakes instead of just one. I used a lot of the napkins they had at the table. Next to us was a family with a new baby. Everyone in the store knew them, and ooohed and aaahed at the really cute baby, who didn't cry (much).

The atmosphere at Thomas Drug is marvelous. It's a small town place, and everyone smiles and speaks to one another, a la Mayberry. And I kid you not. They have real parts of the old brick cobble type streets there too. And some really pretty antique stores and boutiques.

I will definitely be back to check out the fun stuff for sale, which includes stationery, dolls, handmade wooden building decor, postcards (I got two), and ceramic drink coasters.

I am putting all the photos on Flickr and Facebook too.


Here are some more photos are from Cross Plains' Citywide Yard Sale in June 2010 and are on Flickr also. There are some more photos of the inside of Thomas Drug here too.

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