Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Too much stuff!

Not my mess - but you get the idea!

I have way too much stuff to fit in my house.

Do you also have too much stuff? Do you glom on to more when it is "good" stuff that maybe you collect?

I watched the TV show about packrats, Hoarders, last month. It was so sad to see how awful living conditions can get when you simply can't keep up with stuff. So much of the things people kept weren't even good things.

I did like that people were trying to help them, though. This show made me feel better about myself, because some of the people there didn't want to try any more or even do dishes. (yuck!)

Back to the subject. There is a website I like called FlyLady that helps people get rid of things they don't need in their home. I like it.

One of my biggest weaknesses are books. I am a big reader and love to look at them too. I need to get rid of many books I have already read. But mostly, I need to neaten up the storage and decide which ones to give away or sell.

Do you have collections or junk you need to get rid of? What things do you collect that you know you need to organize or change?

Oh - I almost forgot. I got some more books today. (!) But I am not worried too much about it. I WILL get organized. One of these days....

Leave a comment if you are in my boat - - too much stuff, and not enough space!


The photo at the top here is by sideshowmom on Morguefile.

Here is the Hoarders Episode Guide online. (The videos start up automatically in case you need to turn down your computer volume).

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