Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to use photos from Morguefile and Flickr - plus some Christmas photos

Happy Holidays!

Here are some great holiday photos from the Morguefile and Flickr sites.

You can find free-to-use photos from both of these sites. I use them all the time for my blogs and sites.

Here are some I really liked today from both photo websites. For instructions on how to use these photos, just scroll down past the photos.

Photos from Morguefile I like

Gingerbread People - this neat photo is by J. Durham on Morguefile.

I loved this one because I have that very same ornament! It is a photo by earl53 on

This beautiful photo of a gold star is by MJAN78 at Morguefile is using it as its very own cover photo this month.

Photos from Flickr I like

I used to have a kitten that did this. And woe to the ornaments AND the tree!
This photo is by Susan E. Adams on Flickr.

This beautiful picture of a Plaza is by davedehetre on Flickr.

The photographer for this pretty scene is Scott Feldstein on Flickr.

How to use photos from these sites:
I use photos from Morguefile and download them without worry, because these photos are free to use. It is a nice thing to email the photographer to let them know where they are used, though, if they ask about that on their profile page.

To find photos on Flickr that I can use, I go to "Search", (adding my search term(s)) then to "Advanced Search", check
"Photos/Videos", "Screenshots/Screencasts", and "Illustration Art/Animation/CGI", then "Photos and Videos", and "Only search within Creative Commons -licensed content", and click both "Find content to use commercially" and "Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon."

Then I hit Search again. The photos I get I am able to use. I check what license they have and change the photo if I can.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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