Sunday, December 12, 2010

The (In) famous Elf Massacre... did it really happen?

It's the first tine I have seen the actual photo of this incident, called an "Elf Massacre" by the photographer and his family. This telling photo was taken in 2004. The photographer actually sent this out (with words attached) as their Christmas card. (see below).

I was really taken aback by this. I am surprised that the family is still around, especially if a "Massacre" happened, instead of just some "Elf vs. Baby" trouble.

Did elves really die after this picture was taken?

I like to think that perhaps these elves were able to escape from this baby run amok.

If you can't read the printing below, it says "Happy Holidays 2004 from the Fitzgerald Family: Kirsten, Patrick & Lauren." The bottom line reads: "for many years after the incident, Lauren remained on Santa's 'naughty' list."


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This photo is by BarelyFitz/Patrick Fitzgerald on Flickr.


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