Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Last Days of Davis-Kidd Bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee

Goodbye, Davis-Kidd!

I was sad to see Davis-Kidd bookstore in Nashville with all kinds of empty shelves today.

It is the last 4 days of Davis-Kidd's "Everything Must Go" final sale. They are going out of business. I could not believe it when I heard. It seems like only yesterday that I visited and they were a bustling concern, filled not only with books, but with announcement of author visits, new books they recommended, and lots of neat merchandise.

I took some photos today, posted them on Flickr and Facebook, and have some to post here today too.

 See all the Davis-Kidd photos from today at Flickr.

Goodbye, Davis-Kidd! We will miss you.

Betsyanne and all the other book lovers in the Nashville area.

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