Friday, October 29, 2010

Adding a tweet button to my blog today...

Yay! It worked! (sort of...)

I am FINALLY adding a better Twitter button on my Blogger blog. I had a couple of other tries from other sites that didn't work right. This one MIGHT work right but right now it is not registering every Twitter posting. I have a question on the site, so hopefully I can fix that part soon.
 I found this button on the E-Blogger Tricks site and followed the directions. And Yay! It worked. At least people can use it to post to Twitter. I like that part.
Next (soon) I want to add a Facebook Share button too.
Here is the page I found the easiest directions for putting a Twitter button on my blog here.
Add Twitter Share Buttons to Blogger. 
I think I'll share this just to check it out and use it for the first time.
And if you are on Twitter, I am @betsyanne, @nontrads, and @scholarsgrants there. Add me!


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