Friday, November 12, 2010

Squidoo and RocketMoms - I figured part of it out.

Hi to everyone!
This week, RocketMoms are doing a Top 100 Lists Challenge. It is RocketMoms Session 11.
I just wound up Session 10, and made a Lensography here:

My RocketMoms Session #10 Lensography.

Then I started thinking about improving my profile there.

I tried one addition that was WAY too long. Then I shortened it.

Here is my latest one:

Follow me on Facebook - my fan pageFollow me on Twitter as ScholarsgrantsFollow me on Twitter as NontradsFollow me on Twitter as Betsyanne
I am a Rocket Mom
It is not having the links show up right now, but maybe that is the way that profiles are supposed to be on Squidoo. They work here though! Just click to go to any of them (above).

I have no idea what went wrong at Photobucket today. Was it a site problem, or just me? The links seemed to keep adding a number or an extra letter to them. Luckily, I also am a member of Flickr, and so I just went there - and voila! The pictures started showing up. Most of my readers will know that both of these sites are photo management sites. They are both pretty different. Flickr has an option to save your photos and share them with different options, including different flavors of Creative Commons.

I know that learning anything takes mistakes and trial and error. It makes actually seeing your results very sweet.


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