Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Are you on Twitter and Facebook yet?

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Yup... I'm posting about Twitter and Facebook again. I like them!

Here are my reasons why:

#1. I have connected and reconnected with many people,

#2. It is fun to share my web discoveries with others,

#3. I learn about current events faster than I ever did before,

#4. I can share photos with friends and family, and

#5. I can learn about things I am interested in on both sites.

Before I was on Twitter and Facebook, I was a blogger. That was fun, but mostly one-sided, because I had to wait for comments before I could find out what others thought, or what websites they liked.

Now I can read the thoughts of others, see what is important to them, keep in touch better, and learn about the internet, my hobbies, the current news around the world, and more.

The downside to both of these sites are spam, hackers, and privacy issues. But these issues are the same for just using a computer and being on the internet. Of course, it is always good to be vigilant, to practice safe surfing, know who your friends are and what to say on the internet, etc. etc. but these things are also true for everyday computer use.

Do you agree? Do you like being on Facebook and Twitter? Or are you content to surf the "regular" way on your computer?

Or perhaps you don't own a computer and go to the library every now and then?

Comment below and let me know what you think.



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