Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow - it's time to learn how to post videos on YouTube!

I mean, wow. People are really starting to make big money on YouTube! All you need are popular videos. YouTube shares half the ad income with their partners, which you would be with funny or popular videos there at the YouTube site.

I just read a story online at the Yahoo Finance site about the 10 YouTube personalities that are making 100,000 or more per year there. The story was called "Meet the YouTube Stars Making $100,000 a Year or More." I mean, one hundred THOUSAND dollars or more! That's a LOT. I was impressed. Now I want to learn how to make a good video.

Here are the 10 people plus links to their videos. You can see an example of each kind of video by clicking on their names. I decided to check them out so I can see what people are clicking on there at YouTube.

#1:Shane Dawson - he's got some funny jokes, plays lots of different characters, loves TV spoofs, costumes, makeup and has T-shirts and more. The video here is selected from just one of his THREE channels. I checked to see if his second channel had different stuff on it, but the one I saw was the same as the first channel. I have not seen his third channel yet.

#2 The Annoying Orange - yup, the orange IS annoying. Remember how funny it was watching your friends talk upside down? You know how weird the teeth used to look? Well, the Annoying Orange has people teeth and eyes. Look for other fruit in the skits too. He likes to say "Hey" a lot. It's pretty cute.

#3 Philip DeFranco - today I watched Phili DeFranco's Sub Saturday Show. He selected three different people that he likes on YouTube that others can like. I did think his selections were funny. I may come back here again.

#4 Ryan Higa - this YouTube star is famous for his "How to be a Gangster" and "How to be Ninja" videos, according to the Yahoo article. I chose "How to be a Gangster". It is cute! Click on the name to go to it. I was curious to see it, and didn't want to have to listen to two of these. But maybe someday...

#5. Fred - Okay. I went to the very first episode here. Fred tries to be nice and give his neighbors a May Day Basket. Or something. I love the running part. Fred is a little kid who talks in a really high voice. I liked it!

#6. Shay Carl - I picked Shay Carl's latest video. He is getting interviewed by a TV station. Then he shows Vidcon, the world's largest video convention. He gets interviewed on stage here. They ask what it feels like to do so well with his YouTube videos. He says it's a lot the same; he still does the work and reads what people say so that he finds out if people hate him or not.

There are also some bands that play on stage, and clips from interviews and crowds at the convention. At the end of the video, they give, and a word shout out.

#7. Mediocre Films - they show an ad on this one, which I didn't like. The others were ad-free. I bet they make money from it. Also, there is a notice that may collect information from you when you watch. The show I picked to see is called Officer Pig. Here is a description from the video: "They are two guinea pigs in a Winnebago and they aren't going back. Pee Pee and Buttercup get pulled over by the Man on the roadtrip, sending Pee Pee over the edge." One thing I didn't expect to see was the Sony Pictures logo and music at the end. But the video did make me smile.

#8. Smosh - Smosh became famous for their Pokemon Theme Music video, which I can't post, because it was taken off. Darn. So I picked Ian Gets Lucky. It's all about the invention of a new iPod app. I won't give it away. It's a good story though. Funny!

#9. The Young Turks - this is the only one I had heard of before today. I have listened to them on headphones after downloading one or two radio (online) episodes. There is another commercial here. (yuck). This is a talking head show. They go over today's stories like a TV news show does - this episode is about the Democrats, Dr. Laura,  Social Security, and more. The MSNBC logo is at the top right - I wonder if the Young Turks are on that channel too. I watched only the first part of this show, which is a long one.

#10. Natalie Tran - I picked the latest Community Channel posting - about personal journals. This shows Natalie and two other Natalie characters talking about their writers and what they think about them. Natalie has been picked on two blogs as the Blog Picture to head up the articles. She is not first in the list, but is probably getting a lot more hits lately. She lives in Australia and her video channel is called Community Channel. I love that Australian accent she has. I think she is pretty funny. She plays her own other characters too, PLUS she posts some of her comments that are pretty off-base, which of course makes them funny.

I want to do a YouTube show now! I just talked about this with my daughter to come up with ideas. Be looking for it next Spring. First I have to learn how to shoot a good video. I already know how to do a funny act - - I used to practice every summer. It will be fun, fun, FUN.

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