Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Alaskan by James Oliver Curwood was a great book.

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The Alaskan.

I just finished The Alaskan audio novel by James Oliver Curwood.

I really liked it. I downloaded the files from the famous Librivox site here:

To make it easy for you to also download these files, I have a link here right to the audiobook.

Here is the download page on Librivox:

All you need to do is click on the link, go to the page, and then click on each chapter's MP3 link. That is how I did it. Then each chapter will download to your computer. Then just transfer the files to your MP3 reader, or turn it on from your computer by double-clicking on it.

Your audio reader should take it from there. If you have mobile earphones that plug into your computer, that is also good, and will work just fine.

I hope you like it! I know I did. Though it may have been a little old-fashioned, it was an exciting book. I will be listing more books on here as soon as I can - ones that I have either read recently or have read in the past.


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