Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Our flooding pictures - water in the yard in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Some of my flood pictures of the front yard

We had a LOT of rain here in Bowling Green recently, and it has been on the news a lot. Nashville and Tennessee and other parts of Kentucky had it worse.

Just down the street, a house was flooded that was flooded last big rain, some years ago. We are lucky, because our house is built up from the ground.

But the photos are neat. I now have some more mulch to rake up, sticks too, and trash to sort out from the yard.

Here are some of the best photos:

I think the willow tree likes getting soaked every once in awhile.
I am SO glad we are up a ways from the ground. You can barely see the
rounds I put on the lawn, but if you have very tall boots, you can walk on
them and not get wet when it floods.

I have to paint the porch again this summer. The water didn't go over the first stair,

Another good thing: the road was still passable, though with a bit of a splash!
Here is a brave truck swooshing on through.


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