Monday, May 03, 2010

Georgy Girl, Lynn Redgrave is gone now. Here is the Georgy Girl song

Lynn Redgrave - our Georgy Girl - and her movie and song message

I was so sorry to hear about the death of Lynn Redgrave today.

She was a very famous and talented actress, and had so many other acting jobs, but her Georgy Girl character was the most famous of all, I think, and her very best performance. She was wonderful in the movie.

And the song Georgy Girl was outstanding. It was the kind of song that just made you want to sing along with it. And it had a message in the words of the song, a message of empowerment.

To me, Lynn Redgrave WAS Georgie Girl, and the song was so much more than a song. It was a call to action to many young girls of the time, a call to be yourself and come out of your shell - - to be all you could be. To me, the Georgie Girl song told me I could overcome my own shyness and be courageous.

I want to thank Lynn Redgrave for being a part of all that.

I found at least four versions of the Georgy Girl song from the movie. This one is a concert from 1964.

I seem to remember liking the movie a lot. I went to the movie site (the link is below) and was surprised by the plot. It has been a long time. I do remember some funny scenes in the movie, and admiring the main character, Georgie. Lynn Redgrave was utterly believable.

The song brings back such great memories. It was a hit for a long time, for good reason.

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