Friday, April 02, 2010

Kentucky is a great place to live!

This Kentucky bird looks both curious and cute. A Paulabflat photo.

 Ah - - Spring in Kentucky - a great time! 
Kentucky is the right kind of place to live. It has a real winter and four definite seasons. It still has family farms and land complete with trees and great natural areas. Coming from Wisconsin, (also a primo place to live...) I appreciate that. I would miss not having a winter.

Now to get out and plant my garden. My intention this year is to be outside a lot. I have trees to trim, a big lawn to mow, and a garden and flowers to plant.

It is going to be a good year for my yard. I probably will put one of my very own fairy doors out there against a tree or two. And maybe some (soft-sounding) chimes? Hmmmmmm.......

My computer goes in tomorrow again. The new huge hard drive is preforming well, but it hums. The old one never did, unless it was working. And it gets hot - which I am used to. But it turns out being hot a LOT is not good. Also, watch out for a clicking sound (a clue to a hard drive's poor condition) and not being able to see a picture of it (finally).

Hey! Maybe it's my blazing typing speed!

Yeah, r-i-i-i-ight! But you never know.

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This photo (above) is from Paulabflat, who also lives in Kentucky. From her page: "i enjoy taking pictures. it's really as simple as that. if they can be of any use to others, i say great! thanks for looking."

More photos from Paulabflat: 


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