Thursday, April 01, 2010

Getting a new hard drive - backup, backup, backup!

Back it up!

I tell all my clients and students to back up their work. I have said it to myself many times too. So yesterday, when my hard drive clicked its way into the computer never-neverland of non-booting things, I realized that putting off backup up again was not a good decision.

BUT, on the other hand, unlike last time, I did back up a lot of stuff. All my writing, my poetry, my ebooks, and lots more, including many photographs. I backed them up at I like this site because you can backup anything there and don't have to worry. To get what you put there BACK, all you do is access the site and download it.

So... I get smarter every time. My new resolution: back up at LEAST every week.

Now to put all my programs back on! But on the good side, my computer is running great and doesn't get hot so often. PLUS I got it fixed for much cheaper than buying another computer. So... it's still bad, but the glass is definitely half-full. Oh - and I got my computer fixed at The Place in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Fast service, fair prices. :-)



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