Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter writing is making a comeback!

A happy discovery - letter writing is making a comeback.

.. well, at least SOME places!

I am happy to see that letter writing is making a comeback in England and Canada. And maybe the U.S. will follow suit. I am now officially joining this new Letter Writing Comeback by continuing to write personal letters today.

Yes! I WILL write MORE personal letters - starting TODAY. This is my solemn vow.

To inspire me to accomplish this,  I was very happy to find that Princess Diana "was known for her handwritten missives," according to Mark Palmer, in his February 2009 article, "Letter writing makes a comeback", posted on the Telegraph.co.uk site.

I found some really fun retro papers about a month ago to use for this purpose. One is embossed in white, the other is a vintage Hallmark cat bordered stationery set that is all done in oranges, yellows, and golds.

I plan to shock one local friend who is always too busy to call or email.  I wonder what her reaction will be? Good, I hope.

Many of my Aunts do not use the computer, so writing personal letters is a must to keep in touch with them.

Another change: today I will actually WRITE these letters instead of typing them on the computer and spitting out each person's version of it. Saving time is great, but I want to do something special today for a change. My handwriting has not improved with the years, so I will go slowly and go for beauty over speed.

I believe that letter writers are in the minority still... but maybe the tide is turning and there will be a mini-revolution of people who are tired of email and other too-impersonal and hassley correspondence. At least, it's something I would love to happen.

Are other people also turning back to letter-writing?

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