Monday, March 22, 2010

Native - a 5-person Native American art show in Nashville, Tennessee

I saw an interesting art exhibition lately in Nashville at the Front Porch Gallery  in the Scarritt-Bennett area. It is called Native. Five different native American artists "present their different perspectives..."

I was impressed by the originality and difference of the exhibits. I liked the Burial Ground with skulls in front. I also liked the chairs which I remembered from last visit. The chairs are not part of the exhibit.

I didn't take pictures inside, but one work there stays with me - it is a bed with photographs that revolve on top in a mobile. They tell some of the story of the person whose bed it used to be.

My daughter sat in one of the chairs, and it was wet from the rain. It took awhile for the water to dry out. I'm glad they had exhibits outside so I could snap them with the camera.

Find out more:
Scarritt-Bennett's The Front Porch Native Exhibition

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