Monday, February 15, 2010

The Road to Giant Squid-dom

Okay. Are you on Squidoo yet?

I have toyed with it for awhile, but now I'm serious. I am going to get 50 Squidoo lenses this year. Then I can apply for Giant Squid! It's the first biggie level there at

Question #1: What is Squidoo all about?

Well, it's a place you can make websites - with help from the Squidoo people. They have modules you can fill out and put photos, links, and other things on depending on which subject you are writing about. So far, I have 12 different pages, or lenses, as they call them at Squidoo.

Question #2: Why am I writing about it today?

Partly, I'm writing about it because I am excited about it. Plus, it helps me when people read my lenses, rate them, and give comments on them. So... if you aren't too busy, I would appreciate you reading them, rating them, and giving comments on them whenever you get time.

Here are my lenses, so you can pick one or even more than one!

Kung Fu - the TV Show

Non-Traditional Students

A little bit about TROLLS... and why I love them!

Help Haiti - discover ways you can help

David Carradine

Free Squidoo Secrets: My Beginner's Path to Giant Squid!


How to Make Friends as an Older Student

Fun things to do in Bowling Green, Kentucky

My Squidoo Pages!

Playing card collecting - singles and decks

No Older Student Left Behind...

OK, that's it! Hopefully I will have more lenses soon.


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