Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Vistaprint has cards for shipping cost only - a good deal!

Yup - just a blank card...

VISTAPRINT is a super-great online printing place. Their prices are REALLY low but they do a high quality job.

I am getting ready to order some more business cards. The ones I have a seriously out of date.

I have some ideas for designs, but for now I will probably go with a pre-made design at Vistaprint.

This is were I got my business cards last time. They have a special deal on these. If you get your cards with printing (ads) on the back for their company, you only have to pay shipping on them, and nothing for the printing charge itself.
You can order from there too or check out what they have. Here is their link:

I just went to their site just now and remembered that they have this same great deal on other products, too, not just cards. So that would be worth looking at too.

Here is the rock-bottom bargain basement price for 250: $5.67 for 21-day delivery. You just can't beat that.

**WARNING! (a word to the wise...) Don't click on any of the off-site links or sign up for any deals on the site. The reason I say this is that I got an email about problems with that for customers. Somebody said that they had problems in this area. (

So... to be on the safe side... Do NOT give out any personal information if you DO sign up for offers. Just say "no thanks" to the offers (click that at the bottom of each page) if you want to just get the inexpensive cards.
Thanks to for that information.


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