Saturday, June 06, 2009

I am loving Twitter!

I am really loving Twitter, the new social website. It's true.

Ever since I have been on there, I have found many great websites and have added many cool people to my Twitter list - or I should say, I am following people with many varied interests.

Are you on Twitter yet? If not, I would suggest giving it a try. All you do is go to Twitter here:, register, and get a name. Upload your face photo OR avatar (a design or cartoon, piece of clip art you like) for your page, then add some people by searching for subjects you like.

There are some Twitter applications I have tried and liked so far. I plan to put a list of them on here soon. For now, the Twitter page itself has a helpful link called "Find People" that is very helpful.

Also, you can look on the We Follow site ( and add yourself there too, so others can find you. You can list yourself under more than one interest group.

To the people who have asked me "Why go on Twitter?" I say:

1. It's fun
2. You can get to know new people there
3. It's a great traffic increaser if you have a blog or website
4. You can learn a lot from others on Twitter
5. It's new - - and even people like Barack Obama, the Pope, and other celebrities are there.

See you there - oh, and my Twitter address is:

Why do YOU use Twitter?


Some services I have already used:

Get FREE (very nice) Twitter buttons for your blog or site here:

Make a FREE Twitter background for your Twitter page

Tiny URL: shorten that long URL you are sending out on your Tweet:

Tweet Deck


Other Twitter applications that look interesting:

50 Web 2.0 Twitter Applications and Sites:

Top Twitter Apps (some good art is here...)

More Twitter Tools - by JC


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