Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Flood in my yard - Kentucky rain - waiting for the sun...

The Flood

We have a totally flooded front yard. Every time it gets almost dry, it rains again. Now I will be watching the weather report VERY carefully tonight.

Because if it rains AGAIN, the lawn will again be totally saturated. My neighbors to one side mowed two days ago. They now have ruts in their lawn, but nothing like the ruts I will have if I mow today. And they don't go away.

So I will wait. And call somebody tomorrow to come and take away the latest HUGE limb in the yard, which is a carryover from the ice storm. It just hadn't fallen down yet until the latest medium-sized wind. And maybe I can combine it with some tree work in the back by the grove.


Our lawn stays GREEN more than any other yard for blocks around. That is because there is SO much water retention there.


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