Sunday, March 29, 2009

Join Stumbleupon and see great websites!


Stumbleupon is so much fun.

I have been "stumbling" there now for a few days and have favorited several new websites. At first, I just clicked on my websites (not knowing how to do it right...) but now that I am discovering new sites from Stumbleupon, I just see which ones I like the best and click on "I like this" on my toolbar I downloaded as part of my Firefox browser.

You can also favorite the sites you like right at the Stumbleupon site.

I think you will really like it, if you haven't already tried it. Oh - and it's FREE (my favorite kind of place...)

Here is the link:

AND while you are at it, come to visit me here:

Make sure to subscribe to my favorites too (just click on the orange RSS Feed box in the upper right, above where it says "subscribers" to do that.)

See you there!


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