Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mowing before the storm...

In south-central Kentucky, Spring means mowing whenever you can. Because before you know it, there will be rain. And usually, storms with the rain.

I noticed a lot of beautiful little purple, white, and blue violets in the grass today as I mowed, and plenty of twigs and branches.
Luckily this year, the gasoline had stabilizer added, so I didn't need to shell out as much getting it started as usual. Yay!

I did notice a fallen part of a tree in the back yard and had to mow around it.

But it sure is exciting to get outside no matter what time of year. I could smell the wild onions as I mowed, and saw many birds. And the feeling is TERRIFIC to have the yard mowed before the storm.

Artwork here is from - a really great site to find public domain clip art.


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