Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Museum of Appalachia

The Museum of Appalachia had a singer today in front of a real roaring fire in a pioneer house who sang just for us. Also, we got to see chickens, old restored pioneer buildings, a school, and a church that were all moved to this site.

We had a big hike. We also saw a HUGE memoriabilia collection of tools, the history of country music with photos and instruments, two beautiful old safes, and everything was antique - - and so interesting!

As somebody who loves old antiques of all kinds, this was totally overload! I would recommend a visit here for everyone who can do it. What a great place, and it's even better in the summer, when docents are there doing re-creations of crafts and living off the land, circa the 17 and 1800's.

We visited more shops plus a graveyard by the old First Presbyterian Church in downtown Knoxville. We also ate at an Indian restaurant called The Taj. I will be posting photos online at my photo site hopefully next week.
Find out more about the museum here:


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