Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting back to business on Ebay and Amazon

What I am doing that is new

I'm getting back to business. Ebay may be experimenting with feedback, but I think this might be a great time to get back online with them and see how it goes.

And, to list better on Amazon, I am putting pictures on all the books that didn't have them before. It sure worked so far - I did it yesterday and already made a sale.

My new website just for selling

I combined both areas (Ebay and Amazon) in a new web page recently I call The Best Books and Collectibles site. This page lets me show my Ebay things for sale in a window. I can also link to my Amazon books on the same page.

Amazon pages should be snazzier

Those Amazon pages for sellers are too blah. I'm looking for something more snazzy that will show my book photos without the customer having to click on the book link.

I know I can get this by subscribing to an expensive service, but right now as a small seller, I am relying on FREE things.

If you are curious as to what Amazon seller pages look like, here is mine. Remember - to see the photo you must click on the link.

Ebay tips

I've got some Ebay tips on an Ebay Tips page on the betsyanne site that may be of interest to other people who sell on Ebay.

Bookselling tips

I have a page just for booksellers also on the betsyanne site called Booksellers Central.

My favorite bookseller blog

For people who want to learn more about selling books online, I think Steve Weber's Selling Books blog is by far the best.

He tackles new stories and has written three books about bookselling you can buy, too. Plus, his blog is just plain fun and interesting. He has an easy to read style you will like.

I'm off to list!
And just in case... here are some of my links:
My Ebay Page
My Amazon Items
My Betsyanne site
The Nontrads website

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