Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santa Visits Bowling Green, Kentucky (early)

HO HO HO! I just love this time of year. My husband says that Santa Claus always stays at the hotel he works at this time of year. He carves him a special ornament every year. Last year, it was a Santa carved out of wood. His picture is in the Daily News today, along with a picture (see below the bigger picture if you are going there).

At the beautiful downtown Fountain Square Park here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the trees are decorated with little white lights. It looks delightful. I still have presents to buy - - but this year I have an actual list! Nobody will wind up with only a big paper clip this year (long story...) Instead, it will be another super-cheap but hopefully cool gift from me. Probably a book, because I sell them and have a lot to choose from. I have saved a lot this year buying presents ahead of time at thrift shops and dollar places.

I love saving money so much that I want to start a new website. It will be called The Save Money Site. I can't wait to put tips on there. I think it will be a fun project. More about this later.



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