Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wrapping presents...

As usual, I am behind on my arbitrary list of things to do come Christmas time. I used to wait until CHRISTMAS EVE to wrap my presents, even. But I could tell myself that I waited because I didn't have my last check yet. And this was mostly true.

This year, I have decided to wrap early. It will be a LOT less stressful, and I can send everything out to have it arrive in time without adding on an air express charge. I have collected things all year - but I know there will be a gift or two I need to shop for this week. I will write everything down after I wrap, too. This will be VERY helpful.

I hope to go through addresses and send cards as well. Some people just do this every year, and keep ahead on presents, too. I admire those people. They seem to have such a seamless and perfect system.

Wrapping starts TODAY!



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