Saturday, January 20, 2007

My online business


I now have my businesses going. I put an ad in the Bowling Green Daily News and also fixed my online business entry here.

I sell books and playing cards and help people get online, too. One day soon I'll be still writing a book or short story, but these other jobs will help out for now.

Several people have contacted me about helping them with their computer and/or software or Ebay. I have started listing on Ebay and Amazon too. I think it will help with the organization I am doing at home, too. I have collected so many books, but there is only so much room for them.

The higher-value books I have put on Amazon. I am still learning about book selling. Today I discovered a great bookselling blog here. It's called Steve Weber's Selling Books blog. Another blog sent me there. That blog is called the Grumpy Old Bookman.

I will also list my Yahoo site today here. It is a Yahoo Group set up for people who want to be authors. I plan to go there more when I actually start sending things in. Another person went there who is actually further along than I am right now. I am hoping he goes forward and gets more things published.

I want to put a couple of articles at the article wheel site soon too. It might drive more people to my sites and blogs. Who knows? It's worth a try. There are so many things I am doing right now. I'm getting ready for ConCave (no link yet!) and will be making some Treasure Boxes. I can put a photo of them up here when I get them done, hopefully soon.


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