Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Darn! Drat! Double Dippiness!

I tried to get into the Tech School for a meeting of BGAMUG tonight. It had probably been at another location OR had another way of getting there, but since I hadn't been in the loop (i.e. paid my dues lately...) I didn't know that. SO I will probably have to wait until NEXT month to go to the meeting AND not get any prizes from the convention.

So.... Darn! Drat! Double Dippiness!

On the good hand, I've gotten more books onto my Amazon page.


I got to smell three unique smells tonight.
#1: the Gas Well. Along my road (Memphis Junction) there is a farm. It boasts beautiful collies for sale and many fat brown and white spotted cows. There are also what sound like two bulls. I am digressing. The farm also has a GAS WELL, which either smells like rotten eggs (much like Wyoming wells) OR can also smell like rotten garbage.

#2: The Skunk. Somewhere near by, a skunk has either died or has sprayed for its life. I haven't seen a dead skunk, so probably the skunk is OK. I hope so anyhow.

I did not smell the factory (which I will hopefully show in my photo from tonight) but when I do, it smells actually good - like flowers. My husband Rickey says that it smells like detergent, which of course is perfumed. I used to think that the smell came from southern vines. At night, the factory does not look totally like a factory. It looks like a Fairy Castle with smokestacks.

Well, anyhow... I have written an officer and hope to hear about where I was supposed to go by tomorrow. Maybe they will take pity on me and save me some goodies. :-)


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