Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Much news... plus: a diet start

Much has happened since my last blog. Ellison Bay, Wisconsin has had a huge explosion (yesterday) that has leveled the Pioneer Store (was: Ruckert's) -- WITH the person who lived in the apartment above rescued. I hope she or he is OK.

Rickey is hooked up to news about Ellison Bay and sent this to me - how awful! Two people died, but they don't say who. People who were staying at Cedar Grove resort were also affected. One building there was destroyed.

There is talk about it being a propane leak from a contractor accident.


Here is a photo of Ruckert's - it looks like the whole first floor caved in and the second floor is setting on the ground. How awful.

There is a detour around the whole town!

I hope they rebuild the store. It is more than just a store - it's the town hub!

ALSO: I started a diet along with my daughter. We are Diet Buddies. I can feel the sloshing around of all the water and pop I drank today. PLUS I am eating a LOT of salads and writing everything down.
We found some pictures of really fat people today to help us stay motivated and we emailed them to each other.


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