Friday, May 26, 2006

OH - OH - OH - OH!!!!!!!


I found my combination to the locker at the University. Did you know that MASTER LOCK cannot help you out if you lose your combination??? Well, it's true. It does make sense, but I wanted to beg and plead for it since I could not find it. I did remember (vaguely...) that I'd saved the paper that came with it. Of course, on the paper was THE COMBINATION. I'd taped it to a notebook (and I have many.)

YESTERDAY, I FOUND THE NOTEBOOK! Actually, I'd found it before, but didn't see the paper taped on there. This is SUCH GREAT NEWS. Now I don't have to
1. Call a locksmith
2. Be embarrassed
3. Have to pay for another year of storage without being able to get my stuff out.

What's in there, you ask? FREE copies of ESL and English materials, INCLUDING tapes, workbooks, stories, overheads, and MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

I wonder if the moving .gif will work (my picture of happy faces.) Only one way to see...


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