Saturday, May 27, 2006


Some days there is so much to think about. Here is a picture of Walt Whitman, c. 1887. I have been trying to see what is online that is copyright free and in the public domain. HARDLY ANYTHING! I can see that this will be a project for me. I especially love the old Victorian prints and typography/edges/curliques that are out there. I have a few from my first printing job at Transylvania Printing Company - I got the press operator to run off some great antique cuts for me. I will have to see what I have in my collection and make a website for all of it.

Then there's:
A. Writing
B. The Yard (got the mowers fixed!!! YAY!!)
C. Poetry
D. The House (inside and out)
E. The Rabbits - what to do about them?? First, make it harder for them to take the Rabbit Freeway into the garden area.
F. Possible Fence project
G. Plantings - garden plants? These are "on hold" until I can rabbit-proof the garden and make some raised beds...
H. The Apples - what to do about the bountiful harvest to come?
I. Redo the Pots Place website
J. Redo MY website! (I put this way up at the top today...)
K. Research WKU options
L. Keep mailing applications out for teaching jobs
M. Put resume online

Today there were several people in, just getting out of the humidity. I hung the rounds up out front at the Pots Place.

I have been listening to some Harry James tapes today: Swing Session and "Harry James and His Greatest Vocalists." They are catchy.

I cut back on the Jungle at Mom's house today. It made a difference. Now to get another HAMMOCK to put back there. Maybe I'll make one.


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