Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yup, it's me!

But I'm learning so much!! Now I get to teach about poetry --- very soon. I do love poetry. The students have been working on portfolio pieces, writing poetry, and did a Learning Styles quiz (or 2-4). The ActivBoards look so nice. I can't wait to try ours out. I think I'll try to fill out my scholarship forms on Monday. SO glad I can maybe catch up on that. I'll try to keep up on here better, too. Now to win that lottery... (haha - Rickey's joke, but it's a goodie). I tried a joke today :-) KEYWORD: TRIED. The students remind me of Jackie SO much. I get to roll my eyes with gentle amusement. They are so fun to listen to -- and I love to hear their poetry out loud. Such great ideas. Everyone is so original. I get to observe an art class tomorrow. I am excited.


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