Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2nd day of Student Teaching!

Yay! I've been student teaching now for two whole days! So far I've run the copier, helped with taking role, taken notes and written poetry, too. I really like the teacher I am with at _________. The kids are smart and funny. We have some great poets there!

It's been a really fun time. There is a lot more to do, though. In order to keep up, I have the WKU Student Teacher group up and running. Student Teachers and former student teachers are welcome to join here:

I think a Study Group for the Teacher Work Sample will be a good idea. Here's the photo I picked out for the group:

I will be getting the other Horse Cave photos on here soon and sending out the link. Tonight: another email and typing. I may be helping with a couple of Workshops this semester. It sounds like a good opportunity and something fun to do too. Off to email, type, and organize papers for tomorrow. School starts bright and early at 7:25! That means I'm up at 5:00.


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