Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My first class in School Journalism

It's going to be fun, I just know it. I had my first class in Journalism last night. My assignment: bring in a copy of our school's Yearbook and Newspaper. I think they have a newsletter but it's not a "real" one (student-made like Shorewood used to have...)

We had the Taj Times before! And before that, the Shorewood HS Newspaper - the Copperdome? I can't remember the name of it. Maybe I'll link to them and print out what I can remember. Do I have a Taj Times copy???

I remember how I argued with my best friend over a story. It hurt our friendship. But the advisor pulled the story - it was too controversial.

I will bring a copy of both things (I'll have to borrow the Yearbook...)

Off to get ready for student teaching. We (the 10th grade classes) get to go to the library today and type poems and stories. My Antigone Unit starts probably tomorrow. I gave the students a "heads-up" yesterday and handed out the Syllabus.


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