Monday, December 19, 2005

Wrapping, wrapping, wrapping...

Today, I wrapped. And wrapped. And wrapped some more. My back is killing me! But I'm glad that is done. Now to do more tomorrow. Rickey tells me that this is the most organized we've been ever! That's so great. Now for the cards and wrapping J and D's presents plus whoever we forgot to send cards to. I put this blogspot on there so I had better keep it going. I want to totally revamp it and put things on the side all the way down (get a now blog skin). I guess I'll have to wait to do that though, since I have to get on the Student Teacher stuff next. That will be fun, though (both things). I will be sorry to miss the family get-together, but hopefully we will go to Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner with Jackie and David. It is so cold here tonight that we have the sink cabinets open just in case. I can't wait to hear how everyone likes their presents. Maybe this year I'm more even and counted things better. I was like a busy, busy bee today.


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