Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hard to post blog tonight...

It was very hard to post the next blog tonight.

I will have to see if I can do it a different way tomorrow.

Everything was so slow... maybe I'll tune up the computer again.


I found some EXCELLENT blog sites where teachers are putting classes online and using web logs in class! Here are some sites I found:

Teacher blogs – educational and ESL

High School teacher blogs

A Math Teacher blog - Reflections

The Open Classroom –
a Head of English reflects

An example of an English Class Blog

Connect Learning – a podcast with
recorded sound in podcasts that
you can listen to!

Setting up a blog-based student class
Using a class blog and student blogs

How to set up your blog – at Webogg-ed site –
Also who has won awards for theirs

The Internet Public Library’s List of Blog sites

The EduBlog Awards page

Joyce Valenza lists the EduBlog winners!

Brenda Cowe’s blogsite –
she’s a Library Media Specialist, and
has many different information areas

The Best Educational Blogs from
This Week in Education

Teaching with Technology – weblogs in the classroom

This one went a LOT better. Much to do. Next is Julius Caesar, I think. I need to get that Unit done first. I hope there are some good sites online. I will list them on the Student Teacher site when I get all the links and research done. The Student teacher site is here:


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