Friday, January 21, 2005

401 - and Friday's Report for 352

We have a report to do today for 352. First today, though, I re-posted my one-page writings about the brevity pieces to my Bulletin Board folder, both personal and group.

Turns out that I needed to write 300 words for each, then add questions to them, for group discussion.

Mom called - she's opened up downtown. I wish I could go downtown and see her!

Maybe if I finish my work early.

Will break, then it's coffee time and 352 report. We are taking a textbook and analyzing it for sexism, racism, etc. She says the books today are getting better about these things, but we should still be cognizant (sp?) of bias as teachers.

I find myself wanting to teach college students later on -- maybe that can be the focus of my Master's.

Off to work. I'm GLAD I have part of the day's assignments done.

There is also work to do for the Non-Trads. I'll try to connect with Melissa or others, to help focus things and spread the work out.

The first meeting went well, but we want to include everyone.


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