Sunday, January 23, 2005

Almost done with 352 Assignment... onward to Argumentation!

Tomorrow... I get my notes ready for Argumentation/Debate for the open-book Quiz Tuesday.

Then... more typing.

Did my Textbook Analysis today -- was that ever a BEAR!

Watched the 2nd half of the first Bridget Jones movie tonight - that is SO GOOD!!

It's COLD tonight... we'll have to run the water so the pipes don't freeze.


If it warms up tomorrow, Mom and I are going to WALMART! YAY!

We'll see.

It's so much more fun getting things DONE ahead of time.... than doing them ON THE DEADLINE.

I hope my fellow classmates get their work in today. It's the weekly deadline. Tomorrow I start next week's assignments. I will try to get them done by Thursday or Wednesday.

Oh yeah! I have to learn the linguistics code letters tomorrow too. Ooooo... busy, busy.

Wish me luck!


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