Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Apples, trees, bushes, and moles, oh my! Plus, Angie's List membership is now free.

 This week, I hope to call a Lawn and Garden Service to come over and start getting my lawn in order.

Luckily, I'm on Angie's List, which helps. I just went there, and found out: Angie's List is free now!

Wow. This is big news to me. It used to be you bought a membership. Well, that will save me money anyway.

And, after being cut back, the apple tree is still bearing. I wish I could use them all. I will be getting some more together and hope to make some baked or sugar-substitute sweet apples on the stove.

Other option: Apple pie, apple crumble.

The moles in the yard are making little hills around in different places. I have not seen any rabbits lately, the the Rabbit Hole is still there. I think there may be another Rabbit Hole next to it also.

To the left is a representation of what I forgot to get this morning. (Coffee!)


This is the first posting in a long time here, AND at my other blogs. I need to do them at LEAST monthly. Weekly would be even better. And daily even better than that!

Some more thoughts for this week:

Crossword puzzles: Wouldn't it be nice to make a crossword that can actually be done? (I am not good at them...) With the new two or more word answers I am REALLY up a creek.
You get the idea...

My To-do List. So many people are busy. I am one of those people. There are people that seem to get SO much more done. Yes, you MAKE time for the things you want to accomplish. BUT, if you have a LOT of things you want to accomplish, you need to weed out the other things. This can be difficult.

The News today: (as usual - it is full of war, the killing of other people for no reason - complete with videos, and news of more species being lost in the world.) In the midst of war, violence, injustice, and death, there is still beauty and life. These are worth saving.

Other news: I did an issue of the Nontrad News last week! (finally...) If you are a nontraditional student, (someone going back to school after a break), or are thinking about it, or helping somebody who is a Nontrad, or you are just curious, a link to that and my blog is here:

Onward and Upward! - - Betsyanne

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