Friday, September 04, 2015

Girl Scouts, House Repairs, Pro and Con Lists, New Listings, more.

There is SO much to do this week. But that is good. I am keeping to plan so far.

Listing at least ONE thing a day online, OK'ing House Repairs, Checking House Repairs, making a BIG Pro and Con List.

But it's not an impossible journey now. I thought it would be. But even adding that to organization and outdoor work, it is do-able.

Girl Scouts
My Girl Scout blog for the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Area 17 and Beyond is now private. If you are in my area, request to read it by emailing me at I have an UNofficial Calendar on there that I keep pretty much up to date, plus there are some useful links, plus news. And you can have it come to your inbox.

House Repairs
I just finished my review of Southern Kentucky Home Pros on Angie's List. Thank goodness for this site, it lists contractors from the area. It could use more reviews there. I think they did a good job overall, and I would hire them again.

Pro and Con Lists
You probably have done this before. I THINK I know what side will win, but sometimes I surprise myself. That is why a Pro and Con list is so good. I find myself really going to town on one side sometimes, and thinking of more reasons than you would have without it. It helps with clarity.

New Listings
I have one new listing (of things to sell) to do each day, except on weekends, but I can do one those days too. Today I list a book called Sermons from the Devil from 1904. It has some pretty wild illustrations in it. I will post them with the listing, probably on Ebay. I have a store's worth of books here (probably because I was going to open a Brick and Mortar Store! I can still do that later though.)

Curious about my store listings?
You can check out all my sites, Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon, on my page here:
The Best Books and Collectibles.
I am thinking of switching this page to the Betsyanne page ( because it's easier to just keep track of one page. But whatever. And I definitely have some other things that will go here next year, like paper dolls and also ebooks.

Clear as mud? Hope it's a little clearer than that. Har, har.

Onward and Upward!

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