Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday - first Business Day of my new schedule. Plus, discoveries...

So, business and discoveries.

One Discovery: It takes a lot of discipline to not constantly research online instead of doing needed work.

But then, you probably already know that.

Today, I've posted on my selling sites, made needed blog postings, and done more on my To Do List. I find having a schedule, and sticking to it, is a must now.

More Business

#1. I have not figured out why some online sellers ask astronomical process for some items, then change this the next day. So, THAT kind of research is a must. Don't just take somebody else's price for a clue. I did that. I still have not figured out why some sellers price way above the market. Maybe they figure a foreign buyer won't know the correct (think: real) price for something and pay the hugely inflated price because of that.

This won't work well in the long run for them.

I HAVE figured out why people offer $1.00 or less books on Amazon. It's to get the word out about your Bookselling business. So it could be worth it to do that.

#2. YMLP: Your Mailing List Program: This is a great site for newsletters and mailing lists - - but really, the cheap option does not last long. This can be said of many programs and sites though. I'm still there.

#3. I went to Steve Weber's site today (thinking it might look like it used to look) and saw that now Steve Weber (author of lots of Bookselling on the Internet books) now has other things on the site besides advice. I list this site at the end of this posting. I have not done researching it, BUT this site used to have a lot of good free advice on it for online sellers.

This site is now "Kindle Buffet", which has some good free e-books, which I like. But I miss the free advice. Darn.

But you can still get his advice via his books. His most famous one is The Home-Based Bookstore.

More Discoveries

#1. See above. Some of these count, I think.

#2: I found out that there is a NEW volume after the famous Princess books by Jean Sasson. The new book is called Princess: More Tears To Cry. Must. Read. This.

#3. It's hard to limit myself to 5,000 Likes on Facebook. These are not just people that I like on this list, it's every Girl Scout group I can possibly add on. I am having to quit great "Other" category groups because of this now. There should be an option for more than 5,000. Just saying.

Well, that's it for today. I hope to write more for this blog starting this week.

I hope your week goes GREAT.


Jean Sasson's Writer's Page

Your Mailing List Program site 

The Steve Weber website

Steve Weber's intro page on Amazon (and some of his newest books...

The Home-Based Bookstore book by Steve Weber on Amazon.

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